Hot and Cold Process Soaps

Whether a soap is handmade, organic or natural you have to be aware of the products that are used to make it, so that you aware of any products you may be alergic to.
There are a few ways to make soap;
  • Melt and Pour - The easiest method fo buy a block of glycerine, melting it and pouring it into a mold.                                          There are even Kits for this process.
  • Hot Process - Utilizes heat after the soapication process has taken place.
  • Cold Process - Takes the longest time and produces the better quality soap, which I the process I use.
Cold process soap bars are made using a combination of oils or fat and lye.  Lye is a caustic substance, but due to the chemical reaction in the saponification process, all the caustic qualities are removed. The saponification process producess glycerine.  The types of oils and fats used makes a difference in how hard and soft the bar is along with how much lather you get. 

I used a combinatin of Olive, Vegatable and Coconut oils.  I also used essential oils such as Orange, Ocean Breeze, Wysteria Lilac and Mountain Rain and herbs such as Juniper berries (ground), Orange peel (ground), Oatmeal, and lavendar petals. 

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